Bought Espresso Machine for our Survivor Corps Office

A few months back there was an emergency situation at our Survivor Corps office. Our old an ancient coffee machine finally breathed its last. One fine day the old friend just stopped working. Everyone in the office looked visibly depressed and down. Work became slow. People were taking long breaks at every possible opportunity to run to the nearest cafe. Being an advertising agency, we need to brainstorm for new ideas every now and then. But the brainstorming sessions also became utterly unproductive due to the absence of caffeine in the office.

Rancilio Espresso MachineSome of us got together and decided to help the situation and buy a new coffee machine for the office. Now this was the difficult bit. Choosing an espresso machine to buy for use in an office involves a lot of planning. Because a lot of coffee is going to be brewed every day and the machine should be able to take that much usage. Additionally, maintenance should be easy and cleaning should not be a daylong task. So after long hours of research, we decided to settle for Rancilio Silvia Espresso machine, the number one rated espresso machine by The Edge. The Edge editors review the home espresso machines with videos, photos, and customer reviews. For office we bought the additional pod adapter kit and got the PID installed. We also paid a little extra to extend the warranty period to three years.

Truth be told, this espresso machine is actually pretty amazing. The machine was reasonable priced, below a thousand dollars. It has a rust resistant stainless steel outer casing that makes it look sturdy and pretty sleek. To be honest, while buying it we actually fell for the look. It also has a small footprint- that is, it takes up a considerably little space on the counter top.

But, if you leave the aesthetics aside, even then this machine proves to be quite handy. It is fairly simple to use. All you need to do is plug it in, and you are good to go! No plumbing hassle required at all. Due to the pod adapter kit we can also use coffee pods for making espresso. This comes very handy at office when you do not have time to grind coffee beans and then dose and tamp them. Otherwise we do have a fairly good coffee grinder and a tamper for aid. The brass portafilter comes with two baskets for single and double shots. The brewed espresso is also pretty consistent in individual brews due to the even heating system. There is a cup warmer that is perfect for the finicky espresso lovers who need to warm up their cup before pulling a shot. And my personal favorite feature, the steam wand, it just works magic to make amazing cappuccinos and latte. The tea lovers in our office also can easily heat water with this team wand for their tea.

Rancilio espresso machine with pidAll in all, this machine has proved to be a good buy. We have been using it for over four months now and it has remained true to its words, reliable, consistent and user friendly. Though it does require very precise and fine grinding of the beans to make espresso and offers little manual control beside the installed PID, but who cares about that in an office anyway? We are all happy with this machine- espresso drinkers, cappuccino drinkers and even tea drinkers. No complaints from anyone whatsoever. A couple of our employees actually went ahead and bought one of these beauties for home use. I would highly recommend buying this machine to whoever is in search of a good quality and durable espresso machine.

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