Bought Rice Cooker for our Survivor Corps Office

old rice cookerI had to replace the old rice cooker in my office as it had turned into just a soup making and slow cooking machine. The rice had started to get stuck to the bottom of the rice cooker even when partially cooked. Every time the rice turned out to be half burnt. Sometimes, it even bubbled out of the rice cooker. So, I thought to replace it. After roaming in a lot of stores and reading rice cooker reviews, I finally shortlisted the Aroma Professional 20 cup cool touch cooker. It is of the right capacity, is cool touch means that a lot of accidents can be easily avoided.

Why did I make this choice?

The Aroma Professional 20 Cup Rice Cooker is excellent for daily use and comes with easy to operate menu which means that everybody will be able to use it easily. 4 to 20 cups of rice can be cooked in the cooker. Apart from cooking brown rice, red rice and white rice, one can also make soups, jambalaya and chilli in the rice cooker. The steamer baskets available with the cooker can be used to steam soya chunks, vegetables and meat in the rice cooker. Also, the cookers can be operated in a slow cook mode.

The cooking pot of the Aroma Rice Cooker is non-stick which means that rice will not stick to the bottom and the rice cooker will be easy to clean. The keep-warm feature of the rice cooker keeps the rice warm for a long interval of time. This means that all the employees will be able to eat warm rice at different times. The keep-warm feature will turn on automatically once the rice has been cooked.

Features of the cooker:

Aroma rice cookerThe Aroma 20 Cup Rice Cooker is a digital cooker which comes with the function of Saute-then-Simmer. The high heat is readily available for the initial heating and when the liquid is added, the cooker automatically shifts to the simmer mode. The cooker comes with a delay timer of 15 hours which means that the meal planning is also easy. This function is perfect for the Risotto, Spanish rice and Packaged Meals.

The Aroma Professional Rice Cooker has made it easy for me and others to have rice at the office and enjoy warm rice at any time we feel like. The rice is very tasty and texture can also be controlled. It is very easy to use and prepares rice in generous amounts which is appropriate for the office use too.

I find Aroma 20 cup professional cooker to be very effective and well suited for my office and suggest all of you to buy the same for yours too.

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