Juicing party at Survivor Corps by Best Juicer

header4You know we have restructured this website to a blog. This Saturday we hosted juicing party at our new survivor corps office. This juicing party was organized by “Best Juicer”.  We had room for 20 people. We invited some of our friends who love juice for a morning of breakfast. Our Party started at 7am and finished at 11am. We used a good mix of fruit and veggies, including greens like celery, spinach etc. Best Juicer sent us a brand new masticating juicer to make juice. It was a slow juicer that extracts all kind of juice and you get extra vitamins and very high yield.  We made apple, carrot, orange and greens juice using this slow juicer. Taste was exceptionally well. This juicer had pulp controller in it. We made both juices and smoothies using this pulp controller feature.

We had lot of fun as we had getting together. We had good healthy breakfast and Thank you “Best Juicer” for this amazing and different party. We all love you at survivor corps office. Thank you for your support.