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If you love well-cooked rice but you are on a tight budget and can’t afford to buy a high-end rice cooker –such as the ones provided by Zojirushi for example, then you must know that there are affordable alternatives. As rice lover, I have used numerous rice cooker brands. And I strongly believe that the Aroma rice cookers definitely provide great value for the money. Endowed with similar features to the ones usually seen in expensive rice cookers, the Aroma rice cookers are not only affordable, but they are also durable, reliable, and user-friendly.

Best Aroma Rice Cooker

Aroma Professional 12-Cup Sensor Logic ARC-616SB

Aroma fuzzy logic rice cookerVersatile – yet affordable and uncomplicated – the Aroma 12-Cup Sensor Logic ARC-616SB will allow you to obtain steamy and restaurant-quality meals. Apart from its ability to cook for 4-5 people, this rice cooker features a user-friendly control panel that allows you to easily select your favourite option: brown rice, white rice, steaming, oatmeal, slow cooking, or soup and cakes. Once the cooking process is over, the device automatically switches to the Keep-Warm function. That means that you no longer have to keep an eye on your meal or stir.

This rice cooker also has a sauté-then-simmer function which allows you to cook delicious packaged meals, risotto, or Spanish rice in a professional and exquisite way. Once you add liquid, it will automatically switch to simmer.

It uses fuzzy logic technology which allows the device to ‘think for itself ‘ and optimize the cooking temperature. By using the Steam Tray, you will be able to steam vegetables and meat while the rice is cooking below, thus enhancing food texture and flavour.

The Aroma 12-Cup Sensor Logic ARC-616SB comes with a Steam Tray, a Serving Spoon, and a useful Rice Measuring Cup. Additionally, it is extremely easy to clean and maintain. The picnic-style handle makes it easy to carry around, hence ideal for on-the-go uncomplicated and delicious cooking.

If you are looking for a rice cooker endowed with similar features as high-end rice cookers but at an affordable price, then you should definitely buy Aroma 12-Cup Sensor Logic ARC-616SB.

Best Basic Rice Cooker

Aroma 20-Cup Digital Cool-Touch Rice Cooker

Aroma rice cookerIf you are looking for a basic and affordable rice cooker, you can not go wrong with this unit. It costs just under $40 and has a timer too.

Aroma 20-Cup Digital Cool-Touch Rice Cooker Review

Best Small Rice Cooker

Aroma Simply Stainless 6-Cup (Cooked) Rice Cooker

Aroma small rice cookerIdeal for singles and couples, the Aroma Simply Stainless 6-Cup (Cooked) Rice Cooker is extremely easy to use and more than affordable.

Though the device doesn’t provide varied cooking or baking functions, it is perfect for cooking one or two person-meals. Its One-Touch function allows you to simultaneously cook rice and steam vegetables in an uncomplicated manner, enabling you to enjoy healthy, tasty, and quick meals.

So, if you are looking for a reliable and affordable basic rice cooker, then the Aroma Simply Stainless 6-Cup (Cooked) Rice Cooker is definitely an option worth considering.

All in all, the Aroma rice cookers are an affordable alternative to much more expensive rice cookers, providing great value for money. Are you ready to tantalize the palates of your family members and guests with delicious and healthy meals that they will simply love and crave for?

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