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Cuisinart Rice Cookers

There are two types of rice cookers – basic on/off and fuzzy logic. Cuisinart doesn’t make fuzzy logic rice cookers. A fuzzy logic rice cooker is one that always cooks fluffy and soft rice even if you haven’t got the measurements right. So if you are looking for top of the line rice cooker, Cuisnart isn’t for you. In that case, check out Zojirushi rice cookers. They are known for their innovation and cutting-edge technology.

There are two models in Cuisinart rice cooker line.

Cuisinart CRC 400

Cuisinart CRC-400 Rice CookerThis is a stylish rice cooker from Cuisinart. It looks great on countertop and can serve 1-2 people. It’s easy to clean and all of its removable parts are dishwasher safe. It will automatically switch to keep warm mode after cooking.

But you will need to learn few tricks and get rice/water ratio correct to get good rice. I have seen many people complaining that liquid overflows making a mess on counter. This is not their fault. Cuisinart instructions are wrong in this case. Instead of using the glass cover you should use the steam tray as the top when cooking rice. If you will use STEAM TRAY instead of GLASS COVER, you will not have any spill over. You can read more about Cuisinart CRC 400 here.

Cuisinart CRC 800

Cuisinart CRC 800 is the bigger version of the Cuisinart CRC 400, only difference is capacity. It is able to serve the needs of a standard family (up to 4 people).

But keep in mind both Cusinart models doesn’t have a timer. If you are looking for an affordable rice cooker that has a timer, checkout Aroma rice cooker.

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