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Champion 3500 Review

The Good

Powerful and portable with a starting wattage of 4000 and a running wattage of 3500, the Champion 3500 reliably and comfortably provides backup for a few essential appliances such as the fridge, lights, and AC. At under 300 dollars, this is an excellent budget generator with a price that’s hard to beat. Safety features, such as overload protection and a fuel gauge come standard. A unique feature is the TT30R outlet which connects to an RV. You’ll have a three-year limited warranty and free LIFETIME technical support, so you can feel secure about your purchase.

The Bad

The noise level is much louder than other similar generators, so it may be too noisy for small spaces such as an apartment. The decibel level is 68, which is about as loud as a vacuum cleaner. This is perhaps one area that Champion had to cut corners for a lower price, which is worth the trade off if noise isn’t an issue.  If you’re in California, you should know that this generator is not CARB compliant.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to portable generators the Champion 3500 gives you a high ROI. Powerful, user friendly, and reliable, this generator provides high quality at an affordable price.  Highly recommended for anyone looking to own a great generator while saving some cash.

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Power Output

Champion 3500The surge power is 4000 watts with sustained power of 3500. It’s enough power to start and run an RV air conditioner. If you’re home during an outage, you can operate lights, a modem, a television, a fridge, and a fan. There’s a long runtime so you can leave it on overnight for the refrigerator. The wireless remote allows operation from 80 feet, so you can set it up farther from the sleeping area to reduce the noise levels. The Champion 3500 has parallel capability, so feel free to pair it with another unit. There are three types of outlets available: 120-volt duplex, 120-volt twist lock, and the RV outlet.

Run Time

The run time is an excellent feature if you find yourself out of power for an extended period. The fuel tank holds 3.4 gallons of oil which provides 12 hours of energy running at a 50% load. At 25% capacity, you’ll have 17 hours of use.

Protects against Overload

Volt guard is built-in surge protection that prevents overloads and keeps your equipment secure from voltage spikes. Also, there’s a voltmeter to monitor power output easily. You can see the wattage level as you add items to the generator, so it’s easy to determine how many appliances you can add.

Never Flat Tires and Folding Handles

Never flat tires along with folding handles make transportation smooth and easy. The wheels are pneumatic, so they are adaptable on any type of surface.

Cold Start Technology 

The generator contains a unique feature called cold start technology. You can leave this generator outside in cold weather, and there’s no need to worry about whether or not it will start.

Fuel Efficiency 

The champion 3500 features a smart economy mode that regulates the engine speed based on the running load. If the capacity is reduced, the engine will idle. This facilitates better fuel economy, reduces the noise level, and extends the engine life. The fuel gauge makes it easy to see fuel levels without needing to remove the filler cap.

RV Ready

This generator is well known among RV users, and it’s even marketed as “RV Ready” in the title. As mentioned it has a TT30R outlet for RV connection, so you can take it camping with you. Even in cold temperatures, there’s no need to worry with cold start technology built-in. The wattage rates are sufficient to power all of the devices necessary for outdoors activities. It’s a great alternative to using multiple electric cables to power your RV devices separately.

Who it’s For

Champion 3500 portable generator is one of the few developed with RV owners in mind. It’s durable and safe with a reasonable noise level. It’s easy to start and run with user-friendly controls. It’s also perfect for home use. Store it away in a small closet and retrieve it when needed.

Who it’s Not For

If you’re looking for a silent generator, Champion 3500 is not for you. This generator is about as loud as a vacuum cleaner. The Honda 2200i is a quieter option; perfect for a small home or apartment, and the Honda 7000i is better for a larger home. For those who need a generator that can power most of the house at an affordable cost, the WGEN7500 is an excellent option.

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