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Honda EU2200i Review

The Good

The Honda EU2200i is a portable, small size generator that’s easy to carry at 46 pounds.  The portability feature makes it perfect for outdoor activities such as camping and tailgating. With surge protection, you’ll enjoy peace of mind that your appliances won’t be damaged. The EU2200i is super quiet so that it won’t disturb the peace.  There aren’t any strong gasoline odors to worry about, because the engine runs clean.

The Bad

It’s not the best in terms of long term support; running at the max load will only give you about 3 hours of power. It can last up to 8 hours, but you’ll have to limit the appliances. This generator packs a punch, but it’s not powerful enough to back up your entire house in the event of a power outage. Also important to note: Honda recalled about 200,000 EU2200i  generators early in 2019; however, the issue has since been resolved. The problem was related to a manufacturing defect that caused the valve to leak. Before purchasing, it’s a good idea to confirm that the unit was not involved with the recall.

The Bottom Line

Honda EU2200i is the winner of our best inverter portable generator award for this year too. While it’s not powerful enough to support your whole house, it’s the perfect generator to take along on the go. It’s also sufficient to keep a few critical appliances running during an outage. In our opinion, the Honda EU2200i gives you the best return on your investment.

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Upgraded from the EU2000i

Honda EU2200iHonda was the original innovator of portable inverter generators with the unveiling of the EU1000i. The subsequent Honda EU2000i was legendary while on the market, but discontinued. Enter the upgraded model: the EU2200i. The EU2200i boasts more power – it produces 2200 watts of power at its peak, and a continuous output of 1800W. The EU2200i also features a convenient fuel off button that was not available on the EU2000. This button switches the fuel off while keeping the generator running until the carborator is dry.


Easy on the Ears

Generators are typically noisy machines, but not the EU2200i. The decibel level is between 53 and 59; about as much noise as an electric toothbrush or a refrigerator.  It remains surprisingly quiet, even while supporting a heavy load. The low-noise factor makes it ideal for outdoor activities, like camping and tailgating. You can also keep critical appliances running, without disturbing the entire house.


Fuel efficiency is a key component of the EU2200i. A feature called the Eco-Throttle regulates the engine speed to produce only the amount of power required for the appliance in use. Most generators have to operate at 3600 RPM to provide 60 seconds of electricity. Eco-Throttle allows the engine to run slower while supplying the necessary power. A slower engine means less fuel consumption and reduced emissions.

Convenient Pairing Option

Honda EU2200i pairedIf you need additional power, you can pair your generator with an identical model. Honda provides a special cable that connects them for double the output. This is a useful feature because you can use one of them for smaller powering needs, and pair them up for larger jobs. You get the convenience of a smaller unit, without sacrificing the additional support of a larger unit.

Supported Appliances

The EU2200i can operate a variety of appliances. It starts at 2200 watts and runs at 1800 watts. So it can easily support your refrigerator, blender, electric oven, and television, to name a few.  It can safely charge electronic devices such as digital cameras, laptops, and mobile devices. It won’t be enough to support an AC unit on its own but paired with another unit; it’s doable.

Surge Protection and Oil Alert

Using a generator comes with concerns about damage to your sensitive electronics. Some electronics require very specific voltage and wattage to run safely. The EU2200i provides surge protection, which allows you to power your electronics with peace of mind. Surges take place when the engine runs at high speed, which triggers jumps in voltage. The EU2200i keeps the engine running slow, and provides a clean and steady output. Another safety feature is the oil alert. If the oil is running low, a red light will come on, and the generator will shut off. This prevents the engine from becoming damaged when the oil drops below a safe level.

Take it With You on the Go

The EU2200i is lightweight. Weighing in at 46 pounds, you can easily bring it with you on the go. This unit is ideal for use at a remote work location to power tools or lights, enjoy the great outdoors with additional gadgets, bring along a TV while tailgating, or power specific areas of your home during a blackout.

Who it’s For and Who it’s Not For

If you’re in the market for a convenient generator that’s versatile and portable, Honda EU2200i is the one for you. It supplies the perfect amount of power for small jobs. If you’re searching for a powerful generator that can keep an entire house running for an extended period of time, the EU2200i won’t fit the bill. Instead, you may want to opt for a Honda EU7000i. If Honda EU2200i model doesn’t fit your budget, WEN inverter generator is an excellent alternative.

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